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The Place

When exploring Kauai the Garden Island.

We hope you will learn a little bit of the Hawaiian while on Kauai. Here are some Hawaiian Words that you may hear used by the locals of Kauai.

'aina - Land, earth.
aloha - Love, Greetings, Hello, Goodbye.
aloha 'aina - Love of the land; to nurture and care for the land.
hele - To go, come, walk; going, moving.
kama'aina -Native-born,long-time resident of Hawai'i, as distinguished from a visitor.
kokua - to help, aid, or give assistance.
kumu - Teacher
kupuna - Grandparent or ancestor.
lei - Garland, wreath or necklace of flowers or shells.
lu'au - Hawaiian feast.

mahalo - Thanks or to give gratitude.
malama - To take care.
malihini - Stranger, foreigner, newcomer or tourist.
mele - Song, anthem, or to sing or chant.
nalu - Wave, surf.
ohana - Family.
ono - Delicious or tasty.
pule - Prayer, incantation or blessing.
ukulele - A four-stringed instrument shaped similar to a very small guitar.
wana - Sea urchin with long pointed dangerous spines.
There are more Hawaiian words to learn and you can find more in the New Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary.
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